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The Alaska Miata Club website is owned by the AKMC.

Owning your own Miata(s) and joined the local club not enough for you? Do you find yourself wanting to make everything Miata related, Miata shirt, Miata watch, Hot Wheel Miata? Do you dig deep to find facts about how the Miata was created, who created it, and what the future will hold? Or maybe, you can't buy a Miata yet? Or you are looking for something for a Miatafreak? Well this section is for you! Welcome to the hobby world of Miata.

Miata History

(Dates and some details vary from internet stories and articles)

We honor 3 founding fathers of the Miata, Mr. Bob Hall, Mr. Tom Matano, and Mr. Toshihiko Hirai .

In Spring of 1978, Bob Hall was an automotive journalist for Motor Trend who spoke Japanese. Was asked by the Mazda head of R&D what they should build next. Bob answered, "A small open two-seater." Bob drew a rude and crude sketch in 1979 which looked like a Chrysler LeBaron convertible.

Hired by Bob Hall, Mark Jordan was part of the design team from LWS (Light Weight Sportscar), to OGG (Offline 55), all the way to P729(Production 729). He also designed a Yellow version of the NA to show what the aftermarket could do with a base Miata. It was called the Club Racer.

Tom Matano penned the shape and design of the NA body from the MANA California design team. In 1986 the project was coded P729 and had three designs. An FF, MR, and FR design. Guess which won?

If that doesn't impress you he also designed the FD and the NB. Just take a look at the doors on both cars

We give Mr. Toshihiko Hirai credit because he was the official project lead for the NA in 1986 and the FD later on. You would have had the chance to meet him in 2005. He had a fish bone diagram of the 5 essential things the Miata had to do

1. Connection with ones surrounding
2. Proper exhaust sound
3. Engaging shifter
4. Connection between drivetrain and chassis and
5. Conversation between chassis and road.

(Actually some kinda cool stuff in there)
(Hawaiian Themed)
(Bunch here, not the biggest fan of them though)
(Bunch of Cartoony Miata ones if you scroll down)
(Go Miata Shirts)
(Denim Miata Shirt, Ha)
(Cool Over Head NA Design)
(Eunos Shirt)
(Sweet Japan Looking German Made Shirt in Euros)
(Miata ZOOM Evolution)

Choro Q

Neko Works NA

Tomica Garage filled with Miatas

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage with Miatas

Hot Wheels NA

Tomica NA Red and Limited

Johnny Lightning NB

Tomica NC

Tomica ND red and black

Hot Wheels ND

Matchbox and Hotwheels ND comparison

Disney MIA and TIA in all three paint schemes

Tamiya RC NA

Tamiya RC ND

Toshima Red NA Pedal Car

1999 10th Anniversary Edition Gift Set

Murphy's Miata Laws or Miata Carma

1. When you finally buy a Miata you find a better and cheaper one for sale.
2. After a month of getting rid of the parts Miata there is always a member who still needs an item after it is gone.
3. You finally get a day off from work for a Miata event and the event is canceled due to rain. You wash your car it rains. The ONE time you leave the top down and it rains.
4. When the AKMC schedules an event a year prior there is an autocross the exact same day.
5. When you turn your Miata in for service you miss an epic record breaking Magazine event.
6. When you shop for months on the internet. Fly down to the Lower48, buy a Miata, and drive it all the way back to Alaska. Only to find that you have to move for an opportunity back to the Lower48 where you bought the car in the first place.
7. You buy a Miata because you thought it was a fast car and then meet all your car buddies with really fast cars.
8. When you have a record matching attendance of Miatas but are still missing that 1 NC to break the record and get a generation picture. lol
9. You sell your Miata and knew it was the wrong answer and regret it everytime you see the new member driving it in a caravan with that stupid grin on his face.
10. When Mr. Hirai signs your trunk and you either crash your Miata, sell your Miata, or a semi runs into the trunk and rear of your signed Miata.
11. When you think you see an open parking space there is a Miata there.
12. When you bring your red Miata to the event and so did everyone else.

What are wrong with these pictures?

1) They hooked up the Miata backwards for a dyno run.
2) This is not a peace sign.
3) Painted the plastic part yellow near A pillar.

Miata Memes