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July 19, 2003: Sheep Mountain Lodge Run a Hit!

A great idea, a general plan, and a late email was what started the best AKMC event to date.  So good that it will be an official AKMC annual event.  If you missed it, that is okay, and we understand.  But we did miss you and hope to see you at the next event.  The weather was perfect and other than the usual bugs, it was a hit and a grand slam home run at that.

We rallied at Palmer Carrs around 9 AM.  Eight members, Mike, Ron and Noel, Marilyn and Meera, John T. and Anna, and Steve showed up with five Miatas.  We got a chance to meet Marilyn and her brand spanking new 2003 Shinsen model, KAZOOM.  What a beauty!  Titanium Gray with Blue interior and chrome trimmings, perhaps the only one in Anchorage.  Welcome to the club Marilyn and Meera.

We followed Ron's lead from Carrs towards Glenallen.  The Sheep Mountain Lodge was 113 miles away and we were going to stop for photos, sightseeing, and construction.  Little did we know, fun and interesting events were headed our way.

The AKMC caravan of five drew attention, little kids pointing at the toy cars, and people wondering where the Porsches came from.  Early during the run a truck broke up the caravan on purpose.  Imagine that.  Marilyn did a good job at being patient rather than trying to pass him.  At a sight seeing break a nice couple asked if they could take a picture of us since her mother was a Miata fan from Minnesota.  Of course you can, if you put film in the camera.  Luckily, they saw us again at a sight seeing spot and took our picture again.  So we gave them a sticker and a flyer and took pictures of them too.


After 113 miles of driving, passing RV's and slow construction vehicles, slow unpaved roads, and facing the hot high noon sun we finally arrived at the Sheep Mountain Lodge.  It was another beautiful sight to see.  The food at the lodge was very good and at a great price.  Many of the members had pie for desert which looked really good.  I was still trying to finish my giant chicken burrito.  Mmmmm.  After lunch we went back to Palmer CARRS to meet four more members and two more Miatas for the Fish Hook road run.

We drove Fish Hook Road twice.  The second time was better as not as much traffic.  It went by pretty quick.  We then decided to go to Garcia's in Eagle River to finish of the official event.  Several members pushed it to the envelope and went to another run after Garcia's to Hiland Road.  Just goes to show you that most of us are hard core Miata freaks.  Which can be a good thing.  Thanks again to all that participated.  See you at the next event or on the road.  Special thanks to Ron and Marilyn for pictures.


Well, hey, we had a great run out to Sheep Mountain Lodge for Lunch.

This was all on July 19th.  A hot sunny day to be remembered fondly for
years to come.  We rendezvoused at the Palmer Carrs store and then lit
out heading north on the Glenn Highway.  Traffic was light at 9:30 AM
and we made great time through the hills valleys and passes.

Five Miatas in a serpentine string of rag-topped beauty.  Two shades of
red, two shades of green, and a grey, all whipping down the turnpike.
There was a bit of construction about 10 miles from the lodge, but that
just gave us time to stop, visit or look around at the scenery.  We 
even met a couple on a long range road trip, and they wanted our picture as
bad as we wanted theirs.  Worked out.  Miatas do bring out the best in
folks.  And they're good for the soul, too.

The Lodge has great food and a fair view of the surrounding mountains.
For a great view you need to step out the door.  Go for the Burgers and
stay for the pie, then hope you still fit behind the wheel for the 
drive home.  (Either that or make sure you get your room reservations in
early-- OR just go somewhere and camp out.)

One thing's for certain, following and leading Miatas down the road is 
a beautiful sight, and not one to tire of any time soon.  Seeing all 
those pretty little cars zooming along the asphalt even makes the seat seem
less cramped and more comfortable.

Bottom line: Miata road trips with the club are informal, fun and a
great excuse to actually go somewhere in the little car.   It was a
great day.  I ended up driving about 270 miles and getting 32 mpg, a
burger and some blueberry pie.

-Steve Rees

Aug 14, 2004 :  Sheep Mountain Lodge II

Back by popular demand and for good reason.  The weather was better than last year because it wasn't as hot.  The construction also wasn't as long.  I completely forgot how fun the curves were to the lodge.  Members present included Marilyn and Meera, Mike and Connie, Ron and Jon, Randy, and our new members Phil and Diane.  John tagged 4 CURVES a couple of weeks prior.  Randy actually joined in mid caravan, it was so cool!  Just imagine a lone BRG Miata coming up a caravan of four.  The last red Miata sliding over to let him in.  The BRG speeding up as the red Miata closes up the rear making it a caravan of 5 open air rides of the AKMC.  Rides included KAZOOM, JENNY, SPYDER, 4CURVES, and CHIEF.


It never fails to amaze me that even with a low RSVP on the forum the interesting things that still happens.  You just never know with us.  While at Barnes & Nobles we spotted a Grey M2 parked close to us.  It was at least a 2004 model with SSR wheels and badges removed.  So, Marilyn tagged it!  LOL!  Also, we met a nice gentleman who told us he owned a M series BMW convertible.  I invited him to come play with us and gave him a flyer.  We hope to see you soon, both of you.

Special thanks to Meera and Phil for the wonderful pictures.  I want to thank all of those who made our 5 open air caravan a huge success.  It was great company and good fun!  I also want to welcome Phil and Diane once again and I hope everyone gets to meet them soon.  Peace.

2005 No Sheep Mountain Lodge

2006 No Sheep Mountain Lodge

2007 No Sheep Mountain Lodge

2008?  Reschedule in July